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Why use YourKampo?

  • The best recommendation by our expert
    We recommend the right Chinese herb not only based on symptoms but also on your sleeping habits, bowel movement, energy level and menstrual cycle.

  • Tracking your health
    We will send you a questionnaire to check your condition every 2 weeks. Based on your condition, we suggest reordering and chaging to another Chinese herb.

  • Natural ingredients
    Unlike other medications and stimulants, Chinese herbs are made from natural ingredients which make you to have very few side effects. Our goal is to heal you as naturally possible.

Benefits of Chinese Herbs

  • Relieve pains & disorders
    Chinese herbs have been used and proven to relieve a variety of symptoms such as headache, neck pain, period pain, fatigue, sleep disorder and etc.

  • Protect and improve your cognitive health
    Protecting your physical health should be a top priority for you, but equally if not more important is to protect your mental health, and yet again Chinese herbe are great for this.

  • Very few side effects
    Most medications and stimulants designed to help the body often come with a number of bad side effects, but fortunately, this is not the case with Chinese herbs. In fact, the few side effects that do come with Chinese herbs are practically harmless.

Our expert

    Satoru is the Doctor of Oriental medicine, an acupuncturist, and a Chinese herb specialist. He has treated various kinds of patients in Los Angeles and New Mexico.

    With his 10 years experience in Oriental Medicine, he can recommend you the best Chinese herb to relieve your suffering.

    Let him hear your condition.